Curriculum vitae

  • Silke Kowalski is a painter and graphic artist,
  • was born in Pinnau, Amt Neuhaus (Mecklenburg) on June 10th in 1943,
  • lives in the tiny village of Strachau by the river Elbe; her home is situated a few meters from the former borderline,
  • is married, with three grown up kids,
  • has worked in different jobs,
  • from 1969 to 1972 she went to the Special School for Painting and Graphic Arts in Schwerin,
  • then joined the Painters Class of Christine Stäps,
  • was a candidate of the Association of Creative Artists in Schwerin in 1989,
  • works freelance since 1990,
  • was accepted for membership in the Artist's Association Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the Federal Association of Creative Artists (BBK) in 1992